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Our Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning System


Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Systems

At Atlanta Top Force Services, our mission is to keep your carpet healthy and fresh. To accomplish this, we use only top-rated equipment that enables us to complete an ultra-deep cleaning.

Some Atlanta carpet cleaners will show up to your home or office with a rented carpet cleaning machine. Atlanta Top Force Services NEVER uses amateur equipment! A professional carpet cleaning requires professional equipment and we take our job seriously. Below is an overview of the equipment we use in your home or office.

HydraMaster Titan 575

The HydraMaster Titan 575 is industry’s first “dumpless system†that reduces the need to refill your fresh water tank or empty your recovery tank. When other truck mounts start dumping water after several minutes of inactivity, the Titan 575 can go up to 40 minutes without dumping from the fresh water tank. It allows you to run two wands, so you can take on those bigger cleaning jobs or get the job done twice as fast.

  • Power plant 31 HP Daihatsuâ„¢ liquid cooled
  • Blower Dominatorâ„¢ 4007 Tri-Lobe, HydraMaster exclusive design, 400+ CFM, dual oil bath
  • Solution pump 4.0 GPM plunger pump, 1,200 PSI heated, 2,000 PSI unheated, electric clutch control
  • Heating System Tube and fin heat exchanger with ADC temperature control
  • Chemical System Stainless steel last-step chemical injection, meter controlled
  • Recovery Tank 70-gallon MaxAirâ„¢ recovery tank; aluminum, baked-on powder-coated finish, includes stainless steel filter and filter basket

The Titan 575 is a titan among truck mounted carpet cleaning systems. It allows Atlanta Top Force Services technicians to run two wands at the same time, so we can take on those larger carpet cleaning jobs or get your home clean twice as fast.

The Titan 575 incorporates the industry’s first true water conservation system, it also can be inactive under a full vacuum load for as long as 40 minutes without dumping fresh water. That means you can move furniture or apply pre-conditioners without running to shut off your machine, and your fresh water and recovery tanks need to be filled and emptied less often. The hot water is used on the job, not dumped into the recovery tank, saving precious fuel and protecting the environment each and every day.

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