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Professional Rug Cleaning

Your oriental rugs and other area rugs require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure their lasting beauty and durability. At Atlanta Top Force, your rugs will be handled with care throughout the rug cleaning process to protect your rug and to ensure your rug does not shrink, bleed, or get otherwise damaged. Our technicians are professionally trained to handle even the most delicate rugs, and will deliver fresh, clean, and healthy rugs every time.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

All rugs that are cleaned in your home will be inspected front and back for color dyes as well as color fastness. We will do a deep vacuum and then perform a thorough cleaning; your rugs will then be raked or brushed to give a nice manicured appearance. If you so decide, we provide a pickup and in-plant rug cleaning service. We will inspect rugs for needed repairs and check front and back. We will remove all dust from your rugs with our state of the art equipment that uses a high pressure air system. Your rugs will then be washed in our machine that agitates water to help remove dirt. After your rugs are washed, they will be placed in our centrifuge machine, rinsed and then dried. Your rugs will be hung and then brushed or raked to finish the drying process.

Pet Urine Stains and Odor Removal from your Area Rugs

Sometimes our family pets will leave behind nasty and unwanted odors as they lay or play on your rugs and carpets. Unfortunately, some of our pets also use our floors to mark their territory and leave behind urine stains and foul odors. If you have pets, our technicians can perform a pre-inspection and pet analysis using a UV Light. The UV Light helps determine and locate the exact areas of concerns that may not always be noticeable to the naked eye.

Most cleaning products are not strong enough to neutralize and remove pet odors. Our odor removal products are powerful and effective, yet are safe to use on your area rugs to remove any pet urine stains and odor removal. However, depending on the severity of what the technician finds, this process may require the rug to be taken off-site to be cleaned in our rug washing plant. Our products are all non-toxic and safe to use around your family, children, and pets and yet strong enough to remove the stubborn pet odors and stains. For additional information visit our Pet Odor Removal section.

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