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Types of Residential Damage Claims

Types of residential claims

Everyone in the world wants to protect his investments, home is an asset that is a lifetime investment and home insurance is essential to protect this. The property owners purchase coverage to shield their house and possessions from certain hazards. The insurance policies protect houses and properties from hazards, for example, fire, theft, wind, storm etc. subject to the policy you purchased. According to Public Adjusters for Residential Claims, one out of 15 houses claim for insurance each year. Following are the most common claims:

1. Wind and storm

Wind and storm claims are the most common type of residential roof repair claims. These residential claims consist of windstorms and hailstorms i.e. cyclones and tornadoes. Such kind of natural hazards is usually covered under home insurance policies, however, you may need to purchase policies for different perils according to the region you stay.

2. Water damage and freezing

Many countries around experiences low weathers throughout the winters. The temperature is so low that homes in that region can suffer from bursts and leakage of pipes if not protected properly. However, these damages from water, ice storms or rainwater are covered under residential insurance policies.

3. Fire and lightning

Fire and lighting are not much frequent kind of insurance claims; however, these claims are the most expensive ones. If your kitchen caught fire by grease or light strikes has thrown your electric system out of order. If you are facing any such issues contact insurance adjuster to get help and replacement of all the damages.

Also you can call your insurance company to be certain that your policy covers all these perils. In case of severe damages, what benefits are covered under the policy to rebuild your damaged house?

4. Robbery

If some fine day you arrive home after your shift to see your door is broken or the window is damaged. When you enter the house you come to know that your house is looted. The flat screen on the wall and the laptop is missing from its spaces and the jewelry from your jewelry box is nowhere to be found. In 2010, approximately, 2,159,878 robberies were estimated. 74% of these robberies were happened at homes says Federal Bureau of Investigation.

5. All other property damage

All other property damages consist of the destruction and malicious harm. Following are a few instances:

  • Your house is driven.
  • Outside lights or windows are damaged.
  • Somebody has been digging your lawn.
  • Trees and bushes are slashed.
  • Locks of your house are damaged.
  • Your property is spoiled with spray paint.

These claims are typically covered under the residential policies. However, if these perils are not mentioned in your policy, discuss with your agent to add them in the policy.

To reduce these damages that are usually covered under the insurance policies, make and update a list of home inventory. Also, review your insurance policy every year, your needs may differ as the time passes. Essentially make sure that you have the right plan to keep your home protected.

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